• L. Shankar
    L. Shankar

Christmas From India

Celebrate the sounds and melodies of Christmas with this unqiue world music album from revered electric violinist/vocalist and widely heralded musical genius, L. Shankar!

Shankar has collaborated with giants such as Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many, many more!

For these brand new recordings, Shankar takes us back to his home country of India as he recreates these familiar songs with the sounds of tablas, sitar, and violin, crafting a holiday album like no other!

Includes 2 original compositions from Shankar – “Christmas Time” and “Saviour!”

Available October 15, 2021 on streaming platforms and CD in a gorgeous digipak!


L. Shankar

Singer, Violinist, Composer, and Producer

Shenkar (aka L.Shankar, Shankar) is widely considered a living legend, a pioneer and a musical genius by his peers who hold him in the highest esteem. Shenkar has enthralled audiences and critics alike all over the world. A child prodigy who is a virtuoso vocalist, violinist, composer and record producer who has sold over 100 million albums through his solo projects and collaborations with other superstar musicians throughout the world.
Shankar was born in Madras, his parents from Kerala, he grew up in Jaffna, Sri Lanka where his father V. Lakshminarayana was a professor at the Jaffna College of Music. Shankar was exposed to Carnatic music and other styles from an early age. He started studying the vocals at the age of two then violin at five then mridangam at seven. His father was an esteemed violinist, vocalist, his mother L. Seethalakshmi played the veena and sang; all his five older siblings were also proficient in music. At the age of seven, Shankar gave his first public concert, at a Ceylonese temple, Nallur Kandaswarmy. He gained a large following performing with some of the most eminent names in Carnatic music, playing all through India, such as Chembai Vaithyanatha Baghavatar, Palghat Mani Iyer, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Alathur Srinivasa Iyer and many other leading musicians. Following the ethnic riots in Sri Lanka, his family escaped to India.

Shenkar created and designed his own invention, first of it's kind the 10 string stereophonic Double Violin, built by Ken Parker. The Double Violin covers the entire range of the orchestra. He formed the groundbreaking band Shakti with the British guitarist John Mclaughlin, Zakir Hussain and Vikku Vinayakram and toured the world. He also performed extensively his Indian classical tours with Zakir Hussain and Vinayakram. He recorded 8 world music albums for the reputed German label ECM and toured extensively featuring the renowned Sax Player Jan Garbarek, Kenny Wheeler, Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Trilok Gurtu in many Jazz and world music festivals organized by his label ECM featuring other ECM artists such as Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette etc.

Shenkar is one of a kind musician venturing in different genres of music. Besides his numerous classical albums he has released worldwide several pop, rock, electronic dance music hit albums and videos including the musical composition of the 2005 Oscar winning documentary, “Born Into Brothels”. In 1990, Shenkar co-produced a one-hour BBC film directed by award winning director H.O. Nazareth. It was nominated as one of the best documentaries at the Cannes Film Festival. Shenkar’s work has been featured in the following films: “Queen of The Damned”, “Ali”, “Jennifer 8ʺ, “Robin Hood”, “Jacobs Ladder” and more. Shankar's pop, rock, electronic dance music albums have featured guest artists such as Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Waite, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Ginger Baker, Toto, Johnathon Davis (Korn), Natasha Bedingfield, Pat Monahan (Train),Randy Jackson (American Idol) and Patrick Leonard (Madonna) amongst others.

Shenkar’s pop DVD, “One In A Million”, became the number 1 DVD in the US spending 4 weeks on top of the U.S. Soundscan/Billboard charts. Shenkar has also collaborated with Frank Zappa (who produced Shenkar’s solo record for Zappa Records), Talking Heads, Pete Townsend, Lou Reed, Marianne Faithful, Sting, Jeff Beck, U2, The Pretenders, Echo & The Bunnymen, John Lydon (Public Image Ltd.), George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Dave Stewart, Pete Townsend (The Who), Jonathan Davis (Korn), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction) and many more.
Shenkar has worked on numerous soundtracks including the Grammy award winning and controversial “The Last Temptation of Christ” by the legendary film maker Martin Scorsese. He co-wrote many tracks with Peter Gabriel and his vocals were featured in the movie. In 2004 Shenkar, composed and performed vocals on Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”. His unmistakable haunting voice was heard all through the movie.

Additional special projects have included The Princess Trust Rock Concerts with Princess Diana in England, The United Nations Peace Day Festivals, and Nelson Mandela's 80th Birthday celebrations. The rock extravaganza, Human Rights Now World Tour in 1988, featured Shenkar's own group, who were joined in performance by Bruce Springsteen and Peter Gabriel, in addition to several other musicians.

Shenkar collaborated with the gifted duo Wendy & Lisa (Prince) on their original score for the NBC smash hit TV series “Heroes”. Shenkar is the featured lead vocalist on the theme and all episodes of “Heroes”. Also in Heroes- Reborn TV series. His voice is featured on the recent hit TV show Fear the Walking Dead.

Shenkar moved to India in January 2016 following the invitation from Sri Thirumeni Guruji at Chepleeri Siva Temple in Kattukulam, Punchapadam, 30 km from Pallakad. Sri Thirumeni Guruji and Shankar started Shiva Conservatory 3 1/2 years ago the headquarter at Chepleeri Shiva Temple and other branches including at Palakkad Public Library in Palakkad headed by T.R.Ajayan, Chennai, Hosur, Los Angeles which has several prominent musicians taking master classes under Shankar and many other students from different genres of music.

Since then he has been living there and touring extensively in India and abroad. He has been conducting Master Classes jointly presented by Swaralaya & Shiva Conservatory at the Palakkad Public Library organized by Sri T.R.Ajayan. During his stay in Kerala he has recently completed his new upcoming album " Chepleeri Dream " to be released world wide by Cleopatra Records from Hollywood which features Sri Thirumeni Guruji's mesmerizing vedic chants and also internationally renowned superstars who have sold all together over 1000 million records . Through this album Shankar wishes to put Kerala on the highest horizon for musical fans all over the world from different genres of music. This album features artists such as Jonathan Davis (Korn), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), Stephen Perkins ( Jane's Addiction), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone),Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel), Chester Thompson (Phil Collins, Genesis), Josh Lopez Will.I.Am, Black Eyed Peas), Dileep Palakkad, Zack Baird (Korn, Beyonce / Jay-Z), Neel Agrawal.

Solo Albums

  • Christmas From India (October 15, 2021)
  • Chepleeri Dream (July 31, 2020)
  • Face To Face (2019 - Cleopatra Records)
  • Transcend ( 2015-Sri Music)
  • Champion ( 2014 - Sri Music)
  • The Revelation ( 2013- Sri Music)
  • In A Box ( 2012- Big Deal Records)
  • Open the Door (2007 -Sri Music/ Big Deal Records / RYKO/WEA)
  • Celestial Body(2004- Mondo melodia)
  • Eternal Light (2000 · Moment! Records)
  • Enlightenment (1999 Ganesh music)
  • Raga Aberi (1995 · Music of the World)
  • Soul Searcher (1990 · Axiom / Island Records)
  • M.R.C.S. (1989 · ECM)
  • Pancha Nadai Pallavi (1989 · ECM)
  • Nobody Told Me (1989 · ECM)
  • Eye Catcher (1987 Lollipop Records)
  • Do What you do (1986 Polygram)
  • Epidemics (1985 .ECM)
  • Song for Everyone (1984 · ECM)
  • Vision (1983 · ECM)
  • Who's to Know (ECM, 1980)
  • Touch Me There (1979 · Zappa Records)
  • Shankar (Columbia-1978)

Guest Albums

  • Shakti (Columbia-1975)
  • Shakti- Handful of beauty (Columbia-1976)
  • Shakti-Natural Elements (Columbia-1977)
  • Phil Collins' Face Value (1981) (as Shankar)
  • Song: "In The Air Tonight" (1981)
  • Song: "I Missed Again" (1981)
  • Song: "Droned" (1981)
  • Music & Rythm Song:"Himalaya" Womad (1982 Warner Bros) Talking Heads's Speaking in Tongues (1983)
  • Echo and the Bunnymen's Porcupine (1983)
  • Lou Reed's New Sensations (1984)
  • Narada Michael Walden's Nature of Things (1985)
  • Artists United Against Apartheid's Sun City (1985)
  • Yoko Ono's Starpeace (1985)
  • Public Image Ltd.'s Album/Compact disc/Cassette (1986)
  • Ginger Baker's Horses & Trees (1986) Peter Gabriel's So (1986)
  • The Pretenders' Get Close (1986) Trilok Gurtu's Usfret (1987)
  • Gary Wright's Who I Am (1988)
  • Animal Logic's Animal Logic (1989)
  • Peter Gabriel's Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989)
  • Material's Seven Souls (1989)
  • Swans' The Burning World (1989)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto's Beauty (1990)
  • Maurice Jarre's Jacob's Ladder OST (1990)
  • Pete Townsend (1990)
  • Peter Gabriel's Us (1992)
  • Yoko Ono's Walking on Thin Ice (1992)
  • Frank Zappa's You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6 (1992)
  • Song: "Thirteen"
  • Song: "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance"
  • Shadowfax's Esperanto (1992)
  • White Sands OST (1992)
  • Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures (1992)
  • Peter Gabriel's Blood of Eden (US) (1993)
  • Passion - Sources (1989) and (1993) –Vocal, Violin, producer
  • Mark O'Connor's Heroes (1993)
  • Fernando Saunder's Spin (1993)
  • SXL's Into the Outlands (1994)
  • Peter Gabriel's Blood of Eden (UK) (1994)
  • Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live (1994)
  • Bill Laswell's Deconstruction: Celluloid Recordings (1994)
  • Material's Hallucination Engine (1993)
  • Midge Ure's Breathe (1996) – Vocals, double violin
  • Percy Ensemble Jones' Propeller Music (1996)
  • Tony Levin's World Diary (1996)
  • Marianne Faithfull's Perfect Stranger: The Island Antholgy (1998)
  • Saro Cosentino's One's & Zero's (1998)
  • Antony Hindson and Friends' It's a Curious Life (1999) with Jack Bruce and Scott Thunes Frank Zappa's Everything Is Healing Nicely (1999)
  • Trilok Gurtu's African Fantasy (1999) – songwriting credit
  • Warren Cuccurullo's The Blue (2000) – Vocals, Violin
  • Peter Gabriel's OVO (2000)
  • Robin DiMaggio's Blue Planet (2001)
  • Peter Gabriel's Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) Queen of the Damned OST (2002) – Vocals, double violin
  • Peter Gabriel's Up (2002) – Vocals,Double violin
  • Phil May and the Fallen Angels' Fallen Angels (2003)
  • Frank Zappa's Halloween (2003)
  • The Passion of the Christ OST (2004) – Composer, vocals, double violin
  • James Newton Howard's Hidalgo OST (2004) –vocals, Double violin
  • Peter Gabriel's Play the Videos (2004) – vocals, double violin
  • The Pretenders' Pirate Radio (2006)
  • Toto's Falling in Between (2006) (as Shenkar) – vocals, violin Take That (2007)
  • Patrick Leonard & Shenkar " Udistam" (2007)
  • Jonathan Davis' (Korn vocalist) Alone I Play (2007) –vocals, violin Randy Jackson (2008)- vocals,violin
  • Heroes Original Sound Track (2008) Wendy & Lisa Ft. Shenkar

DVDs / Films


  • Peter Gabriel " Secret world Tour " as Shankar One In A Million (2001 · Silverline)


  • The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) – Double violin, violin, vocals, composer, record producer
  • Jacob's Ladder (1990) – Violin, vocals, performer, double violin
  • Robin Hood (1991)
  • Jennifer 8 (1992)
  • White Sands (1992) – Percussion, violin, vocals
  • Ali (2001) – Writer, performer on Track: "Dreams"
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) – Double violin
  • Queen of the Damned (2002) – Vocals, double violin on Tracks: "Forsaken," "Redeemer," "System," "Slept So Long," "Not Meant for Me," "On the beach"
  • The Passion of the Christ (2004) – Composer, vocals, double violin
  • Hidalgo (2004) – Double violin
  • Born into Brothels (2004) – Performer on Track: "Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi"
  • The Passion of The Christ ( Nominated for Oscars )
  • The Last Temptation of Christ (Grammy Winning Score )
  • Ali
  • Queen of the Damned
  • Robinhood
  • Jennifer 8
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Born Into Brothels ( 2005 Oscar Winning Documentary )
  • Bombay Jazz " ( BBC One Hour Film, Nominated for Best Documentry at the Cannes Film Festival)



  1. Genesis (a.k.a. In His Own Image / First aired 9/25/2006)
  2. Don't Look Back (First aired 10/2/2006)
  3. One Giant Leap (First aired 10/9/2006)
  4. Collision (First aired 10/16/2006)
  5. Hiros (First aired 10/23/2006)
  6. Better Halves (First aired 10/30/2006)
  7. Nothing to Hide ( First aired 11/6/2006)
  8. Seven Minutes to Midnight (First aired 11/13/2006)
  9. Homecoming (First aired 11/20/2006)
  10. Six Months Ago (First aired 11/27/2006)
  11. Fallout (First aired 12/4/2006)
  12. Godsend (First aired 1/22/2007)
  13. The Fix (First aired 1/29/2007)
  14. Distractions (First aired 2/5/2007)
  15. Run (First aired 2/12/2007)
  16. Unexpected (First aired 2/19/2007)
  17. Company Man (First aired 2/26/2007)
  18. Parasite (First aired 3/5/2007)
  19. .07% (First aired 4/23/2007)
  20. Five Years Gone (First aired 4/30/2007)
  21. The Hard Part (First aired 5/7/2007)
  22. Landslide (First aired 5/14/2007)
  23. How to Stop an Exploding Man (First aired 5/21/2007)
  24. Four Months Later (First aired 9/24/2007)
  25. Lizards (First aired 10/1/2007)
  26. Three Kindred (First aired 10/8/2007)
  27. The Kindness of Strangers (First aired 10/15/2007)
  28. Fight or Flight (First aired 10/22/2007)
  29. The Line (First aired 10/29/2007)
  30. Out of Time (First aired 11/5/2007)
  31. Four Months Ago (First aired 11/12/2007)
  32. Cautionary Tales (First aired 11/19/2007)
  33. Truth & Consequences (First aired 11/26/2007)
  34. Powerless (First aired 12/3/2007
  35. The Second Coming (First aired 9/22/2008)
  36. The Butterfly Effect (First aired 9/22/2008)
  37. One of Us, One of Them (First aired 9/29/2008)
  38. I Am Becoming Death (First aired 10/6/2008)
  39. Angels and Monsters (First aired 10/13/2008)
  40. Dying of the Light (First aired 10/20/2008)
  41. Eris Quod Sum (First aired 10/27/2008)
  42. Villains (First aired 11/10/2008)
  43. It’s Coming (First aired 11/17/2008)
  44. The Eclipse Part 1 (First aired 11/22/2008)
  45. The Eclipse Part 2 (First aired 12/1/2008)
  46. Our Father (First aired 12/8/2008)
  47. Dual (First aired 12/15/2008)
  48. A Clear and Present Danger (First aired 2/2/2009)
  49. Trust and Blood (First aired 2/9/2008)
  50. Building 26 (First aired 2/16/2009)
  51. Cold Wars (First aired 2/23/2009)
  52. Exposed (First aired 3/2/2009)
  53. Shades of Grey (First aired 3/9/2009)
  54. Cold Snap (First aired 3/21/2009)
  55. Into Asylum (First aired 3/30/2009)
  56. Turn and Face the Strange (First aired 4/6/2009)
  57. 1961 (First aired 4/13/2009)
  58. I am Sylar (First aired 4/20/2009)
  59. An Invisible Treat (First aired 4/27/2009)


  1. Brave New World (First aired 9/24/2015)
  2. Odessa (First aired 9/24/2015)
  3. Under the Mask (First aired 10/1/2015)
  4. The Needs of the Many (First aired 10/8/2015)
  5. The Lion’s Den (First aired 10/15/2015)
  6. Game Over (First aired 10/22/2015)
  7. June 13th - Part One (First aired 10/29/2015)
  8. June 13th - Part Two (First aired 11/5/2015)
  9. Sundae, Bloody Sundae (First aired 11/12/2015)
  10. 11:53 to Odessa (First aired 11/19/2015)
  11. Send in the Clones (First aired 1/7/2016)
  12. Company Woman (First aired 1/14/2016)
  13. Project Reborn (First aired 1/21/2016)

Tour Dates

APR 02,2022

Roulette, Bkln, NYC

APR 03,2022

Berklee Col. Boston MA

APR 09,2022

Dell Fine Arts Center Theatre, Austin, TX

APR 10,2022

The Society of Indoamerican Arts, Houston, TX

APR 16,2022

The North Beach Bandshell, Miami, FL

APR 22,2022

Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

Recent Performances

JUNE 18, 2021



MAR 27, APR 1, 2021

10PM IST / 4:30PM GMT - Sansar Sangeet Utsav

L. Shankar (Double Violin), Glen Velez (Frame Drums), Chitravina N Rvikiran, Apollo Chamber Players, Loire Cotler (Rhythm Vocalist), Ed Matthew (Clarinetist), K V Prasad (Mridangam), Karukurichi Mohanram (Mridangam), Ben Jaeger & Steve Kurr (Orchestra Directors) and others

THU DEC 31, 2020

11pm - Let's welcome 2021 musically

Apollo Hospitals Group Presents. A musical Gift of Good Health

SAT DEC 19 & SUN DEC 20 (REPEAT), 2020

Mudra Fine Arts Festival

A special programme by Internationally renowned Music Legend L. Shankar & Veena Maestro Rajhesh Vaidhya on PaalamTV Dec 19th IST 7:55pm & Dec 20th IST 8:25am


SUN DEC 6, 2020

L. Shankar & Vikku Vinayakram

Selvaganesh Swaminathan Selvaganesh

Open Air Premises in
Bhavan's rajaji vidyashram
6pm - 8pm

SAT FEB 1, 2020

Shankar & 3G (Vikku Vinayakram, Selvaganesh, Swaminathan)

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST

Teynampet Ramaswamy Street,
Peddu Naicken Pettai,
Kondithope, Chennai 600079,

THU JAN 23, 2020

L. Shankar w/ Pt.Abhijit Banerjee, tabla and Sai Hari, Ghatam at The Dover Lane Music Conference

The Dover Lane Music Conference is an annual Indian classical music festival held in the month of January at Nazrul Mancha, an auditorium in south Kolkata.

The Dover Lane Music Conference
Nazrul Mancha Auditorium
South Kolkata

THU JAN 16, 2020


NAMM Convention
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, Ca

MON JAN 14, 2020


Special Concert at Thiruvaiyaru Thyagaraja Festival

Thiruvaiyaru, India

MON JAN 13, 2020

Shankar, Neyveli Radhakrishna, Mandolin Rajesh, Eddie Prithiviraj, Dileep, Manjunath N.S, Praveen Narayan, Sai Hari

Abbas Cultural

Kamaraj Auditorium
Chennai, India

SUN JAN 12, 2020

Shankar & Vikku Vinayakram

Mudhra 25th Fine Arts Festival

Chennai, India

SAT - SUN JAN 4/5, 2020

SHENKAR & EDDIE (radiotronics) / The Road to GIF

Jan 4 at 11 AM – Dec 5

The Road to GIF is an indie festival that kick-starts the season of Global Isai Festival 2020. It hosts over 16 artists across 2 days, apart from having a flea market and an open mic for audience before the event.

YMCA Ground
Chennai, India

TUE DEC 31, 2019


Goa, India

MON DEC 30, 2019

Shankar & Rajhesh Vaidhya

Mudhra 25th Fine Arts Festival

Chennai, India

SAT DEC 28, 2019

Shankar & Rajhesh Vaidhya

Swaralaya Music & Dance Festival

Palakkad, Kerala

MON DEC 23, 2019



Vani Mahal, Chennai

SUN DEC 22, 2019

Shankar & Neyveli Radhakrishna

Bramma Gana Saba

Chennai, India

SAT DEC 21, 2019

L. Shankar

Chennai Fine Arts

Chennai, India

SUN DEC 15, 2019


Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha

Chennai, India

SAT DEC 7, 2019


Bangalore Club

10 Field Marshal K.M.
Cariappa Road,
Ashok Nagar, Shanthala Nagar,
Richmond Town, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560001,

SAT NOV 23, 2019




SUN NOV 10, 2019

L. Shankar, Chitravina N Ravikiran with Wisconsin Melharmonic Orchestra Artists Vinod Seetharaman & Neel Agrawal

Melharmony Festival

Middleton Performing Arts
Center, Wi

SAT NOV 9, 2019

L. Shankar with Neel Agrawal & guest Swaminathan Selvaganesh Indian Masters

Roulette Intermedium

Brooklyn, NY

TUE NOV 5, 2019

Sri. L. Shankar, Sri. Rajhesh Viadhya, Beyond Boundries, Sri. Praveen Narayan, Sri. Saihari

The Ultimate Pan India Musical Festival - 14th Edition
A pan-Indian music festival encompassing Indian classical music (Carnatic and Hindustani) as well as pristine dance forms globally.

Narada Gana Sabha - Main Hall
Alwarpet, Chennai

FRI OCT 18, 2019


Globe Theatre
Los Angeles, Ca

SAT OCT 12, 2019


House of Blues
Foundation Room
Anaheim , Ca